10 Ethical and Sustainable Underwear Brands for Organic Lingerie (2023 Edition)

For most of my life i’ve worn garbage underwear that i got from Target, Costco or Sams Club…

I didn’t know it was garbage obviously, but there are a ton of problems that come with cotton (for example) treated with chemicals like Benzidine.

And wouldn’t you know it

– this chemical probably shouldn’t be anywhere near the cradle of life in between your legs…

Benzidine’s side effects include “major skin irritation, bladder cancer and respiration problems.

So yeah… when i found this out back in 2013 or so, i was actually afraid. I’d gone 20 years just wearing something that could end my chances of having children.

And even worse, back in 2013, there weren’t very many brands creating sustainable underwear.

Thankfully, there are tons in 2023, and i’m here to guide you to some of the most reputable in the industry.

In a 2021 survey, Global Organic Textile Standard found that 75% of respondents preferred sustainable underwear, but only 20% knew where to find reliable brands. A clear need for more accessible, trustable sustainable underwear brands has emerged.

Sustainable underwear isn’t just about comfort and aesthetics; it also aligns with our ethical and environmental values. We need underwear that marries comfort, style, and sustainability, becoming our new normal in 2023 and beyond.

Each year, more brands commit to sustainability, adopting Earth-friendly production methods, pushing beyond fast fashion, and playing a role in the future of slow fashion.

Choosing sustainable underwear also impacts our health. Organic underwear, devoid of harmful chemicals, is skin-friendly and reduces allergies and sensitivities. A report from the Environmental Protection Agency showed about 10% of the global population suffers from contact dermatitis, which can be worsened by non-organic clothing.

We’ve picked out the top 11 sustainable and ethical underwear brands that effortlessly blend style, comfort, and responsibility. Ready to feel incredible about your wardrobe, well-being, and our planet?

Start with your underwear.

Wondering how to identify genuinely sustainable underwear brands?

Look out for the use of natural or recycled materials, transparent manufacturing processes, and labels like Fair Trade, GOTS, or BlueSign, signaling sustainability and ethical commitment.

A quick guide to the Global Organic Standard Textile criteria:

ORGANIC FIBERS: Look for GOTS labels indicating at least 70-95% certified organic fibers, grown without synthetic pesticides, herbicides, or GMOs.

ECOLOGICAL AND SOCIAL STANDARDS: GOTS certification covers environment and social norms, from chemical inputs to wastewater treatment and ethical worker treatment.

COMPREHENSIVE COVERAGE: GOTS covers all stages from processing to distribution of textiles made from at least 70% organic fibers.

THIRD-PARTY CERTIFICATIONS: Fiber production certification is covered by international standards approved in the IFOAM Family of Standards.

GOTS CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: Look for annual inspections, product tracing, input assessments, wastewater treatment verification, social criteria monitoring, and risk assessment-based quality policy.

To verify GOTS certification, check for a visible label showing the GOTS logo, label grade, certification body details, and license number or certified entity name. Alternatively, check the certified suppliers database or their GOTS Scope Certificates, issued by a GOTS Approved Certifier.

With this information at hand, let’s dive into the top 11 sustainable underwear brands.


They’re making a proclamation to sustainable underwear and women everywhere. 🫶🏽

Proclaim makes nude lingerie in Los Angeles, CA, taking a clear stand for good on you and the planet.

👀 They make comfortable bras from plastic bottles… WHAAA?! 👀

Ethical & Sustainable | Tencel, Organic Cotton, Hemp, Recycled Polyester, CUPRO
Size Range | Body Inclusive | A–DDD cup, S–3X
Prices Start At | $24 for thongs – $38 for biker shorts – $59 for bras
Packaging | Minimal – made from 100% compostable mailers

Woman dressed in sustainable underwear and tanktop from the brand Proclaim

Organic Basics

Basics done the simple and earth friendly way. They’ve got tons of certifications that prove their process is full-proof from materials to production – we love that.

For Organic Basics, sustainability means more than just taking care of the environment – they stand for quality under garments that can be worn over and over again without losing their comfort over time.

AND they care about their tailors and producers that work in the factory.

A+ for us 👍🏽

Ethical & Sustainable | GOTS Certified | B-Corp certified | Vegan (Except for Merino and Cashmere products)
Organic Cotton, Tencell, Lyocell, Recycled Nylon
Size Range | Body Inclusive | XXS – XXL
Prices Start At | $12 Briefs & Thongs – $18 Tanks – $28 Body Suits – $26 Bralettes –
Packaging | I couldn’t find any info ):

Woman dressed in sustainable underwear briefs and bralette from the brand Organic Basics


When we saw this brands story we said, “DAMN, they are not playing!”

No spandex, polyester (even recycled – it’s still plastic), nylon, elastane, acrylic, or acetate. Just affordable sustainable clothing made with year round comfort and quality in mind.

Pledging to represent minority, and black-owned businesses in projects and collabs while restoring Mother Earth?

That’s a mission we can stand behind ✊🏽

Ethical & Sustainable | GOTS certified organic PIMA cotton only | 100% Vegan, Plastic Free, Non-Toxic, Biodegradable
Size Range | XS – XXXL
Prices Start At | $24 Thongs, Hipsters, High-waisted Briefs, and Bikinis – $46 for Crop Tops – $68 Hipster, High-Waisted Brief, Thong, and Bikini Trio’s
Packaging | Plant-based, acid free and compostable with Oeko Tex cerified tagless labels and Carbon Neutral Shipping options at checkout.

Woman dressed in sustainable highrise underwear and croptop from the brand Kent


Okay – we’re looking at Parade because they’re holding themselves accountable for the foreseeable future.

They plan on being fully climate positive by 2025 which is a great pledge. Almost 95% of their products are recycled materials as of today.

They’ve also got some very cheeky design patterns and color patterns that’ll help you stand out a bit in the bedroom.

👙 They offer a second life recycling program and will take ALL of your old underwear regardless of the brand. 👙

Ethical & Sustainable | Ethos based on Climate, Social and Circularity. Limited Supply drops = No Overproduction!
Size Range | XS – XXXL
Prices Start At | $10 Thongs – $38 Corsets – $20 Bralettes – $14 Briefs – $24 Bodysuits
Packaging | Couldn’t really find anything on their packaging ):

Woman dressed in sustainable underwear lingerie from the brand Parade


Fun fact: their name is built from the words discrete and creature so they stand for individuality for everyone.

They believe Slow Fashion is the future – less is more, and with that being said, they make some super comfortable and ultra shape flattering sustainable underwear that doesn’t cut any corners.

They deserve their spot on the list because those certifications are NOT easy to get!

Discreature is a top brand going the extra-mile for Mother Earth in every sense of the word. 🌎

Ethical & Sustainable | Global Organic Textile Standard CertifiedFair Trade Certified and B Corp Certified 😍
Size Range | XXS – XXXL
Prices Start At | $16 – $18 Thongs, Boyshorts, Cheeky’s, and Adjustable’s – $24 – $28 Triangle & Scoop Bralettes, and Tanks
Packaging |  100% organic cotton reusable wash bags. ØPACK, carbon neutral and extremely low impact envelopes made from limestone quarry waste and recycled resin, using only renewable solar power, no water, acid or bleaches.

Woman dressed in colorful sustainable underwear and bralette from the brand Discreature


An incredible differentiator i’ve seen with Boody (Organic Bamboo products!) is their Period and Leak-proof Classic bikini’s that cover you from Light to Heavy.

That kind of inclusivity, affordability and thoughtfulness is exactly why they’re on this list.

Bamboo is silky soft, thermoregulating, moisture wicking, UPF50+ sun protection, and anti-static, getting softer and softer with each wash. 🎋

With great pricing to bag, the only negative we really see is the fact that they don’t have any sizes under XS or larger than XL.

Ethical & Sustainable |
Ecocert, Fashion Forever Green Pact, PETA Vegan Approved, OEKO-TEX
Size Range | XS – XL
Prices Start At | $14 Bikinis – $16 Midi and Full Briefs – $8 G-Strings
Packaging | We couldn’t find anything on the packaging they use /: Hopefully it’s Bamboo!

Woman dressed in sustainable underwear and bralette from the brand Boody


Taking comfy sustainable underwear to an extremely affordable level – pact is best know for making everything with Organic Cotton in a Fair Trade Factory.

They’ve even got incredible comfortable maternity under garments that hug you with silky breathable Organic Cotton that gets softer with time.

Heads UP: While most everything they create is utilizing Organic Cotton – some of their clothing uses small amounts of elastane to give you that perfect amount of stretch and snug around the thighs and waist. ✔️

Ethical & Sustainable | GOTS Certified, SimpliZero certified, and Fair Trade Certified | Organic Cotton, Carbon Neutral, Fair Trade Factories
Size Range | XS – XXL
Prices Start At | $8 Bikinis, Everyday Thongs, Boyshorts, and Lace Waist Briefs – $30 bralettes – $25 Soft Triangle Bras
Packaging | Thank paper for responsible packaging! They said “see ya” to the single-use plastics and hello to Vela bags: responsibly made, carbon-neutral, FSC™ certified, and completely recyclable paper bags.

Grazie Millie!

Woman dressed in sustainable lace underwear and tanktop from the brand Pact


With a beautiful approach to human sexuality, they believe sustainable lace underwear is a powerful way to spark open conversations about our bodies, health and identity.

What a beautiful way to empower everyone to feel confident about what lies underneath.

Check out their manuals for more insights on their sexual ethos.
We’re here for it.

Ethical & Sustainable | GOTS Certified 100% Organic Cotton
Size Range | XS – XXXL
Prices Start At | $22 Thongs – $24 Briefs and French Cuts, $26 High Waisted
Packaging | They’re hip to the negative impacts e-commerce can have on the planet, so they made sure everything on the packages is 100% recyclable.

Woman with hands on hips dressed in sustainable underwear and shirt from the brand Oddobody


Conciously exposing the apparel industry for being one of the biggest polluters on the planet,

Tentree is looking to achieve the accolade of being a Fully Circular business by 2025, striving to plant over 1 billion trees by 2030. 🌳

They’re making sustainable underwear with a perfect fit, long-lasting comfort and stretch available at a price that we can appreciate.

Plus helping us recycle our old clothes and underwear.

Thanks Tentree (:

Ethical & Sustainable | Tencel, Organic Cotton, Hemp, Recycled Polyester |
Size Range | XS – XXL
Prices Start At | $18 Bikinis and Thongs – $40 Bras and Bralettes
Packaging | They’re committed to eliminating single-use plastics, FSC certified and 100% recyclable shipping mailers that are biodegradable and completely out in the open about it (we love transparent brands and people).

Woman dressed in sustainable underwear and bralette from the brand Tentree.


Their ethos is Earth, Body & Community.

We can vibe with that kind of tribe.

Knickeys are breathable, gentle, and safe for your skin – utilizing Certified Organic Cotton to really make sure your comfortable throughout the day.

These sustainable underwear are pre-shrunk so you can expect them to fit right for their entire lifespan and they have Fit Experts on staff to help you with any sizing questions! 👋

Ethical & Sustainable | GOTS, Fair Trade Certified
Size Range | XXS – XXXL | Low – Mid – High-Rise for all undies
Prices Start At | $17 Bikini, Hipsters, Briefs, Thongs – $30 Above-Belly Materinity Brief – $48 Bralettes
Packaging | Plastic free and completely carbon neutral from seed-to-garment.

Woman dressed in sustainable underwear and tanktop from the brand Knickey

What Exactly is Ethical and Sustainable Underwear?

Like we spoke about before, ethical and sustainable underwear should fit our ethos of people, planet and passion.

Meaning that these people creating brands like the list above, care about the planet, and have a passion for preservation, even if that means less profit, and scale.

We couldn’t be any happier with the myriad of conscious brands coming gaining popularity right now.

Down with fast fashion, terrible working conditions, racism, and corporate greed.

Up with considerate people, a clean planet, and passionate artists.

How Can Sustainable Underwear Benefit You?

  • Healthier for your skin, immune system, and free of free radicals and micro-plastics.
  • Better for the air you breathe – with less waste and carbon emissions from tradiotional practices.
  • Longer lasting and higher quality materials – thanks to optimized manufacturing practices that you will benefit from in the long run.
  • Your money goes further with sustainable practices, and encourages corporations to follow suite.

To Wrap it Up.

Picking the right underwear is easy when you follow your ethics and moral compass.

Especially when you have a list like ours to help you make the right move. (:

We plan on covering every kind of wearable item from sustainable brands around the globe, so make sure to follow us on our journey!


  1. What is the best sustainable fabric for underwear?

    People will say TENCEL™ which is made from cellulose, Organic Cotton, Hemp, and Bamboo for it’s anti-fungal properties
  2. What is Sustainable Underwear?

    Sustainable underwear is quality underwear created from eco-friendly fabrics made by people who are paid a fair wage. You want the underwear to last through many washes and be comfortable for you.
  3. What is the best natural fiber for underwear?

    People will go back and forth with this but again, it depends on what you describe as best. For us, best entails price, conditions, comfort, fit and form. Organic Cotton, Hemp, TENCEL and Bamboo would fall into those categories.
  4. Is Organic Cotton better for you?

    Again this depends on what you consider better for you. Of course organic cotton is better than non-organic cotton, which is treated full of chemicals and pesticides, not to mention terrible working conditions for the producers and manufacturers.

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